Episode 20 – About Mate or how to surf the wave of ones own soul and travel the world

Fabricio is sort of the dictionary definition  of unconventional. He got this extreme openness for live and what it brings to him, while also maintaing some principle he follows, which is such a difficult balance to strike.

I got introduced to Fabricio through Seigaku-san, who holds his early morning Zen ceremonies in the Mate shop run by Fabricio. Mate is a true passion for Fabricio. He runs the little Meta Mate Cafe in Prenzlauer Berg (Strassburger Str.16) with his wife, where they serve and sell Mate, produced in Frabicios home country Brazil, by their close friends in an organic and very free fashion following tradition and also new ways. If you want to learn how to drink a proper Mate, this is the place you need to go to!

Besides Meta Mate Fabricio has has done so many different things that it is actually hard to capture it in one article. Fabricio invited me over to his home in Prenzlauer Berg, where he has a very small apartment which is sort of his retreat, where he can work as an artist or for also play Go with Seigaku-san. We then went to the actual apartment in the same building, which was a much less calm place to hang out at. There was a visiting friend from Brazil who helped to be a nanny for the kids and there were happy kids running around enjoying their holiday. If I ever have kids, I really would like to explain and answer everything in this relaxed but serious way Fabricio has with his kids. I have not seen a better role model for this I think. It might be this completely un-rushed style he got, which was really refreshing, especially if you just come from a day full of back to back meetings at work. It was also definitely one of the most interesting lunches I ever did, specifically also in regards to the food. Fabricios wife is from India, where also Fabricio has spend a lot of time. For lunch we had the remaining food cooked by Krithika as part of a cooking class for Indian food, served in a traditional Indian way with yogurt, some special pickles and a special Indian butter, all of that eaten with hands. I had to practice the way to push the food with your thumb from the palm into the mouth, but once figured out, it was easy and a interesting experience.

At one point of his life Fabricio was a product manager in a large corporation in Germany, building a career and earning good money. He has moved from Brazil to Germany to work here, but after some years he still felt that he wants to go back. He had some time so he went to a travel agency to check out some things and saw a poster “One Month Vacation in Nepal”. He had nothing better to do, so he quit the job and went to Nepal, where he ended up staying 6 month before switching to traveling the world. He continued to travel from there for about 10 years in which he also meet Krithika and started to travel together with her and later also their first kid. They spend time in Brazil and India and also in Germany regularly and once the kids got older and they felt they need to find some good place for them to grow up, so they decided to move to Berlin and stop traveling.

I think the place they are living in really shows the philosophy Fabricio is living by. The space is not huge or even fancy but it is full of live. It is not very full with stuff and all the furniture and stuff they have filled it with is either found, build by them or given from friends. It is just a very natural place, where you can feel the soul of this family. I have not meet many people in my life who seemed as balanced and aligned with their selves as Fabricio. I started to drink some proper mate now, so lets see if that gets me closer to that as well.



Daniel’s half-baked wisdom of the day:

“There is lots of things you can fake, but your face will show how you have lived once you get old enough. One aim in life for me is, to wear such a relaxed face full of happiness once I am old”



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